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Airoh and Mercedes write the future of Automotive at the Autogiro d’Italia

14 octubre 2021

Autogiro d’Italia represents the sporting tradition and the automotive memory of our country, from the other side represents also the green mobility zero-emission and sustainable, so it represents the future.

Mercedes-Benz wrote and writes the Motorsport’s History, that one able to talk about the way of moving of millions of people, and which represents the highest expression of automotive technology. The company accepted the challenge of the Sustainable Green Mobility.

The EQC is full electric, zero-emission, able to over 400 kilometers of autonomy, it is already available on the market, but that one is a real novelty worldwide, it is present at a raid in stages of over 1700 kilometers.

Thanks to the Rossi S.p.A. car dealership and to the Paloni-Conti team, the EQC is taking part to the Autogiro d’Italia in the Supercar category, a real challenge made by journey of over 250 kilometers per day with CTO, skill tests and others.

Driver and co-driver could only wear an Airoh helmet, the TRR S. If the tomorrow is already today, Airoh is present.


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