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Maria Herrera achieved the ESBK Women SSP600 title in Valencia - David Alonso made his debut in the World Moto3 Championship

25 octubre 2021

Another title for Airoh, thank to Maria Herrera who, in Valencia on the occasion of the penultimate race of the 2021 ESBK, achieved the Women SSP600 title, confirming the last year victory.

Always in the Cheste Cyrcuit, on the podium there were Yerai Ruiz in the SSP300 and Edoardo Gutierrez on the PreMoto3; in Moto4 instead the young AirohRider Edoardo Savino made his debut in the Spanish championship. The rider from Monza-Brianza started in the 21st position but, thank to an incredible performance, he recovered a lot of spots leaving behind riders much more experienced than him, ending at the 14th position in the Race1 and at the 11th place in the Race2.

One more debut this weekend, this time in Misano Adriatico on the Marco Simoncelli MWC, where David Alonso participated to the Moto3 of the Made in Italy and Emilia Romagna GP, as wild card. The AirohRider from Colombia ended in the 21th position.

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