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Marvin Musquin on the podium in Indy at round 6 of AMA Supercross

08 febrero 2021

AMA Supercross - Round 6 - Indy

Marvin Musquin racks up another podium with a 3rd in the 450 main.

Jason Anderson back from an injury to his finger in round 5 finishes in 6th by the checkered flag.

Musquin: “My goal tonight was to stay on two wheels and be patient. The last two or three rounds it’s been super frustrating for me, I’ve been very aggressive trying to make it happen in the first lap and ended up going down, so tonight I wanted to be patient. I was the fifth best guy tonight but it’s racing and the two guys in front of me went down so I got third. It definitely feels good to be on the podium, I’ll take it.”

“My night went decent, I was just pumped to be able to do enough therapy on my finger to be able to race tonight,” Anderson said. “I had a better heat, which made myself feel a little bit better and we did some suspension work. In the main, I didn’t get that great of a start but I was able to get better and move through the pack. I’m slowly getting better but not where we want to be, so we’ll get there.”


AMA Supercross 2021, Round 6 – Indianapolis 3, IN

450SX Class
3. Marvin Musquin (KTM)

6. Jason Anderson (Husqvarna)


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