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21 de septiembre de 2020

Extraordinary beginning in World EnduroGP Championship 2020 for Airoh

2020 Endurogp01 Francia Holcombe

The World EnduroGP Championship finally got underway on the weekend from September 18thto September 20ththrough the Grand Prix of France, which took place in the little town Requista, in the southwest of the country, proclaiming the awaited new start of the national series after a long stop due to Coronavirus emergency.

25 podiums on the whole have been conquered in the two days race by the riders who wore the integral Airoh off-road helmet: 4 in EnduroGP, E1, E2, Junior EJ2, 2 in E3 and EJ1, 5 in Junior Absolute.

The big dominators of EnduroGP were the English of the Beta Factory Team Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman, respectively on first and second position in both race days. More, Holcombe won hands down in E2 class, as Freeman won in E3 class. In E1, a big race of Thomas Oldrati (Honda-RedMoto), second and third place of the class where Sherco Factory riders were also really brilliant, Jeremy Tarroux fourth and second, as Antoine Magain ended fifth and fourth position. Top ten for the English Alex Snow (Honda-RedMoto) with Honda RedMoto Lunigiana Team.

In E2, an excellent race for Matteo Cavallo (Sherco), third and fourth with the English Daniel Mccanney (Honda-RedMoto) fourth and third, as in E3 class Rudy Moroni (KTM) hit twice the top ten.

The absolute classification of Junior class was led by the French Theo Espinasse, Sherco Team, who has always preceded the teammate Hamish MacDonald. Third and seventh position for the Finnish Roni Kytonen (Honda-RedMoto), who got a win and a second position in the Junior class EJ1, where Sherco riders Espinasse and MacDonald were the leaders.

The next agonistic meeting for Airoh riders will be the Grand Prix of Italy, planned from September 25thto September 27thin Spoleto (PG), valid as the second race of the World EnduroGP Championship 2020.

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