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7 de junio de 2021

Sensational overall victory for Airoh with Andrea Verona at Italian Enduro Assoluti

2021 Assoluti05 Castellicalepio Verona

Great victory of AIROH with Andrea Verona who hit the first overall position in the seventh race day of Italian Enduro Championship, disputed in June 6th in Castelli Calepio (BG) and confirmed to be among the strongest Italian riders in EnduroGP.

Beside Verona’s victory, we highlight the great races of the others enduro Airohriders: the French Theo Espinasse third, the Belgian Antoine Magain fourth, the English Brad Freeman fifth, Thomas Oldrati sixth, the New Zealander Hamish Macdonald seventh, the English Daniel Mccanney eighth, as Samuele Bernardini in the top 15.

Verona didn’t limit himself to winning the Overall Classification, but he also got the first position of the hard-fought 250 4T class, when he scoring the best time five times and the second time for the remaining four times, out of nine special races disputed. Also in 250 4T class, Bernardini got on third place on the podium with a special race victory, one second, two third, two fourth and two seventh due to two slides.

450 4T class is ruled by Thomas Oldrati. The Fiamme Oro rider from Bergamo, back to races after the injury of the left clavicle he suffered in the previous race in Fabriano (AN), despite he is back on his Enduro CFR 450RX only two days before the race in Castelli Calepio, not only he was able to bite the bullet for not good physical condition, but he also surprised by distancing the runner-up rider by more than one minute in the standings.

In Junior class, the third position for Manolo Morettini who lost the second position just in the last special race due to a slide losing precious seconds.

In Youth class, the sixth position for Gabriele Pasinetti.

In the class for foreign riders, a binge of AIROH placements: Espinasse second, Magain third, Freeman fourth, Macdonald fifth, Mccanney sixth, Kade Tinkler ninth, Roni Kytonen eleventh.

Upcoming appointment with races is planned for June 18-20th at the Grand Prix of Portugal in Marco De Canaveses, the first race of the World FIM EnduroGP Championship.

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