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8 de diciembre de 2021

8th December 2021, a day to remember

Rossi Mattarella (1)

The 2021 world champions, two legends of the Italian motorcycling, Tony Cairoli and Valentino Rossi, together with a Delegation of the Italian Motorcycling Federation, were welcomed in Rome, at the Quirinal Palace, by the President of the Italian Republic.

On this occasion, Airoh and the FMI wanted to pay homage to Sergio Mattarella by the Civ Official Helmet. It is a GP 550 S with an Italian flag that fills the whole graphic, completed by the Federation references, including its 110° anniversary’s logo; all enriched by the unmissable plaque dedicated to “Presidente Mattarella”.

After the ceremony, the world champions signed the product, making it an even more unique and special gift.

We are so honored to have been able to make our contribution to an historical event of this magnitude, that we’ll never forget.

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