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18 de octubre de 2021

Airoh four times World EnduroGP Champion

2021 Endurogp France

An extraordinary finale of World FIM EnduroGP Championship, with an incomparable flavour.

The Grand Prix of France, valid as sixth and last race of this season 2021, has been disputed from 15th to 17th of October in Langeac, a little town of Loira, where AIROH crossed the finish line through a resounding POKER of its own riders. The race, that has been run on a track of 80 km and repeated three times, is composed of 9 special races on Saturday and as many on Sunday, followed by Supertest of Friday evening, a total sum of 19 timed races. At the end of the twelfth race day the English Brad Freeman triumphs in EnduroGP overall parade and in E3; the Italian Andrea Verona in E1 class as the Spanish Josep Garcia and E2.

Freeman, who has come to Langeac in EnduroGP with 16 points advantage over Garcia and 50 points over Verona, was very alert and with grit and speed took that EnduroGP title that slipped away last year on the last race. A success that comes at the end of a season as a real protagonist, with 5 first positions, 6 second and one third. Moreover, Freeman got a double win in E3 class, when he imposed himself in all 12 race days and put into the showcase the 7° World Championship, after the ones he won in Junior class (2017), E1 (2018-2019), EnduroGP (2019-2021), E3 (2020).

Second final position in EnduroGP for Garcia, who came back this year full time in World Championship and hit 5 wins, 1 second, 3 third, 2 fourth, 1 fifth. Garcia didn’t miss the national title of E2 class, the second title in his career with AIROH after the one in 2017. To remark that Garcia won overall parade and the one of E2 at Six Days Competition in Italy.

Andrea Verona completed an all AIROH podium of EnduroGP and, in the year of his debut with GASGAS, won again E1 class so that he could add the 6° national title to his curriculum (2017 Youth, 2018 Coppa Junior EJ1, 2019 Junior Assoluto and Coppa EJ1, 2020 and 2021 E1).

In EnduroGP AIROH ended on sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh position, respectively with Steve Holcombe, Jaume Betriu, Hamish Macdonald, Daniel Mccanney, Nathan Watson and Samuele Bernardini.

Andrea Verona, in the single classes of this France GP, was twice first, Theo Espinasse one third, Antoine Magain fifth and third, Bruno Crivillin seventh and ninth, Samuele Bernardini eighth and seventh, Kade Tinkler ninth and eighth.

In E2 Garcia was twice first, Holcombe twice second, Macdonald seventh and fourth, Nathan Watson sixth and third, Thomas Oldrati fifth and sixth, Jack Edmondson twice eighth, Alex Snow eleventh on Saturday.

In E3 class, ruled by Freeman before Betriu, Daniel McCanney ended twice third.

In Junior class Roni Kytonen suffered for the contusions he got the week before in Portugal, ended the overall parade twelfth and fifteenth. Manolo Morettini fifteenth and seventeenth in overall Junior.

From AIROH, congrats to all riders for the wins and the extraordinary emotions in this 2021!

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